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Texas A&M University

Minor in Mathematics

Getting a Minor in Mathematics is Easy!

Non-math majors can obtain a Minor in Mathematics by meeting the requirements set forth in the Undergraduate Catalog. There are currently three (3) different sets of requirements for earning a Math Minor depending on a student's year of entry. Click on links below for the requirements:

Entry in FALL 2017 and Forward

Entry in FALL 2016 ONLY

Entry Prior to FALL 2016

Students wishing to earn a Minor in Mathematics do not need to visit the Mathematics Department to do so. Students should see their advisor, and inform them of their intention to earn a Minor in Mathematics, and to have that information added to their degree plan. Questions regarding any of the requirements for a Math Minor may be directed to the Undergraduate Program Office at 979-862-4306, or stop by Blocker 332B.

The department also wants to point out to students who are majoring in engineering or one of the sciences that it might not take more than another 18 to 24 hours to get a double major in mathematics. If that is of interest to you, contact the Undergraduate Program Office in Blocker 332B or call 979-862-4306.

Honors Program

Getting a Minor in Mathematics with Honors is a option.