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Undergraduate Program

For course listings and general academic information, see the courses and general info page.

For many students and employers, mathematics has become recognized as the most versatile of all undergraduate college majors.

If you enjoy math, science and engineering, and if you tend to be drawn to the mathematical aspects of these subjects, then it could be that becoming a math major is exactly the right academic path for you. A challenging mathematics education develops problem solving abilities, and teaches versatility and adaptability. Because of these qualities, many career opportunities are available for mathematics majors, such as:

  • mathematical modeling in another field, like: biology, physics, economics, and statistics
  • pure math applications in computer science
  • prestigious areas of the business world
  • teaching opportunities at both the collegiate and high school level
  • specific career areas include:
    – image or stochastic processing
    – actuarial positions
    – creating video games
    – creating special effects in the movie industry
    – underwater acoustic signal processing
    – modeling crystal growth, and many more!

If you want to find our more about the career opportunities that exist for mathematics majors, plan to attend the Sciences Career Fair held each fall. There are many benefits to having a Mathematics Degree, and by studying at Texas A&M you can take advantage of many opportunities like:

  • small class sizes
  • challenging Honors degree coursework
  • opportunities to work directly with faculty on independent study projects, or through NSF funded research programs
  • interesting and challenging courses
  • great opportunities for teaching
  • flexible degree plans:
    B.A. Mathematics
    B.S. Mathematics
    B.S. Applied Mathematics
  • advisors and staff that make a point to know each student

We encourage science and engineering majors to obtain a minor in mathematics.

Contact information

  • Assistant to the Undergraduate Program: Bailey Patterson,
    Office: Blocker 332B, Phone: (979) 862-4306
  • Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs: Matthew Papanikolas

If you would like to request more information about pursuing a degree in the Mathematics Department, please register with us by clicking on the appropriate link:

If you would like to meet with a Mathematics Department Adviser about:

  • Switching into the Math Department as a Math Major. Requirements to switch are:
    2.5 overall GPA, and 2.5 GPA in TAMU Math classes.
  • Course registration
  • Career counseling
  • Degree audits
  • Other advisory matters

you can schedule an appointment with a advisor.