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Texas A&M University

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation

The Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation group is primarily concerned with the efficient numerical approximation of solutions of partial differential equations. Techniques and expertise include the development and analysis of iterative methods, stability and error analysis for finite element, finite difference and finite volume approximations, and large scale scientific computation with industrial and scientific applications.

The group consists of about a dozen permanent faculties and numerous graduate students, postdoc and visiting faculty. As well as doing research into theoretical numerical analysis, the group works closely with the Institute for Scientific Computation and the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science on the development of large scale scientific simulations.

The graduate program in numerical analysis includes courses in basic numerical analysis, analysis of iterative methods, and finite element software. More advanced courses concerning the theory of finite elements, domain decomposition, multigrid, and mixed finite elements are also offered on a regular basis. Several of the past Numerical Analysis Qualifying Exams are available.

Regular events


See this page for a description of the compute resources available to members of the numerical analysis group.



Andrea Bonito Andrea Bonito
Professor of Mathematics
Adaptive numerical methods for standard and geometric PDEs, free boundary problems, computational fluid dynamics including viscoelastic flows.
Prabir Daripa Prabir Daripa
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Computational fluid dynamics, inverse problems, scientific computing, applied mathematics and engineering.
Matthias Maier Matthias Maier
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Multiscale effects in optical metamaterials, Multiscale methods, asymptotic analysis and homogenization theory, Finite element methods and finite element software.
Alan Demlow Alan Demlow
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Numerical analysis of partial differential equations, especially in the mathematical theory of finite element methods.
Ron DeVore Ronald DeVore
Koss Professor of Mathematics, Distinguished Professor,
Approximation theory, numerical analysis
Yalchin Efendiev Yalchin Efendiev
Professor of Mathematics
Numerical analysis, multiscale finite element method, flow in porous media
Jean-Luc Guermond Jean-Luc Guermond
Professor of Mathematics
Partial differential equations, numerical methods for PDEs, finite element aproximation, computational fluid dynamics
Raytcho Lazarov Raytcho Lazarov
Professor of Mathematics
Numerical analysis, finite difference, finite volume, and finite element approximations of PDEs, scientific computing.
Joseph Pasciak Joseph Pasciak
Professor of Mathematics
Finite element approximation, preconditioned iterative methods including domain decomposition and multigrid, large scale scientific computation
Guergana Petrova Guergana Petrova
Professor of Mathematics
Numerical methods for PDEs, approximation theory, wavelets
Michael Pilant Michael Pilant
Professor of Mathematics
Inverse problems in PDE, parallel and distributed computation, numerical algorithms, iterative methods for nonlinear equations.
Bojan Popov Bojan Popov
Professor of Mathematics
Conservation laws, linear transport equations, approximation theory, numerical analysis of PDEs.

Visiting Faculty and Research Staff

Prof. Peter Oswald (Fall 2016)
Visiting Professor
Prof. Vivette Girault (Spring 2017)
Visiting Professor

Graduate Students

Peng Wei Justin Owen Eric Tovar
Yuchen Hua Min Wang Jiuhua Hu
Salih Kilicli Bennett Clayton Siu Wun Cheung

Former Faculty

Richard Ewing Richard Ewing
(Nov. 24, 1946 - Dec. 5, 2007)
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Numerical analysis, finite volume and finite element approximations of PDEs, scientific computing.
James Bramble James Bramble
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics (retired)
Partial differential equations, numerical methods for PDE, multigrid methods, domain decomposition methods.
Guido Kanschat Guido Kanschat
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Finite elements, discontinuous Galerkin methods, iterative solvers, computational fluid dynamics, radiative transfer, neutron transport
Wolfgang Bangerth Wolfgang Bangerth
Professor of Mathematics
Numerical algorithms, finite element software, adaptive finite element schemes and error estimation, applications in fluid dynamics.

Former Numerical Analysis Visiting Faculty and Postdocs

Mohammed Aiffa
Sessional Instructor
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, U. of Calgary
Panagiotis Chatzipantelidis
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Crete, Greece
Oleg Iliev
Research Associate
Inst. for Industrial Math. (ITWM), Kaiserslautern
Sungkwon Kang
Research Scientist
Chosun University, Korea
Jeongwook Kim
Visiting Associate Professor
Junnam University, Korea
Jean Marie Linhart
Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M
Fabien Marpeau
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, U. of Houston
Patrick O'Leary
Director, Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation at Idaho National Laboratory
Hao Lu
Senior Computer Scientist
Fugro-Jason Netherlands BV
Giancarlo Sangalli
Associate Professor
Dept. of Math., Università di Pavia, Italy
Joachim Schoeberl
Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing, Vienna U. of Technology, Austria
Anna Spagnuolo
Associate Professor
Dept. of Math. and Statistics,
Oakland U., Rochester, Michigan
Olaf Steinbach
Inst. für Numerische Mathematik,
Graz University of Technology, Austria
Hong Wang
Dept. of Mathematics, University of S. Carolina
Victor Ginting
Postdoctoral Associate
Assistant Prof. of Mathematics, U. of Wyoming
Jiangguo Liu
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Mathematics, Colorado State U.
Rajen Sinha
Head, Dept. of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Tech., Guwahati, India
Craig Douglas
Distinguished Professor
School of Energy Resources, Dept. of Mathematics, Director, Inst. Sci. Computation, U. of Wyoming.
Peter Minev
Dept. of Math.&Stat. Sciences, U. Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Jörg Willems
Research Scientist
Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, Linz, Austria
Shuguang Tan
Bloomberg L.P.
Timo Heister
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Math., Clemson University, South Carolina, USA
Markus Bürg Adam Larios
Assistant Professor, U. of Nebraska
Murtazo Nazarov
Assistant Professor, Uppsala University
Sara Pollock Ke Shi
Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University
Bruno Turcksin

Former Numerical Analysis Ph.D. Students

Sergey Malyasov
Defended Spring 1996
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Houston, TX
Ilya Mishev
Defended Spring 1996
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Houston, TX
Apostol Vassilev
Defended Spring 1996
Founder and CEO NetIDSys, Inc.
Tong Sun
Defended Spring 1997
Associate Prof., Dept. of Math., Bowling Green State U.
Yan Zheng
Defended Summer 1997
Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan
Defended Spring 1999
Professor, Portland State University
Hong Huang
Defended Fall 1999
Constantin Bacuta
Defended Fall 2000
Associate Prof., Math. Sciences, U. Delaware
Chisup Kim
Defended Summer 2001
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
The Catholic University of America
Stanimire Tomov
Defended Spring 2002
Research Scientist and Adjunct Assistant Prof., Innovative Comp. Lab CS Dept., U. of Tennessee
Jun Zhao
Defended Summer 2002
KLA-Tencor Corporation, San Jose, CA
Tzanio Kolev
Defended Spring 2004
Computational mathematician at the Center for Applied Scientific Computing, LLNL
Yanqiu Wang
Defended Spring 2004
Assistant Prof., Math. Dept., Oklahoma State U.
Victor Ginting
Defended Spring 2004
Assistant Professor, U. of Wyoming
Taejong Kim
Defended Spring 2006
Processing Geophysicist, VERITAS DGC Inc., Houston
Dylan Copeland
Defended Spring 2006
Research Scientist, IAMCS Texas A&M University
Veselin Dobrev
Defended Summer 2007
Visiting Scientist, CASC, LLNL
Paul Dostert
Defended Summer 2007
Assistant Professor, Coker College, Hartsville, SC
Dukjin Nam
Defended Summer 2008
Lijian Jiang
Defended Summer 2008
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Seungil Kim
Defended Summer 2009
Southern Methodist University
Dimitar Trenev
Defended Summer 2009
Research scientist, ExxonMobile, New York
Yan Li
Defended Summer 2010
Abner Salgado
Defended Summer 2010
Department of Mathematics at the U. Maryland
Moritz Allmaras
Defended Winter 2011
Research scientist, Siemens, Munich, Germany
Jennifer Webster
Defended Summer 2013
Research scientist, Idaho National Laboratory
Kainan Wang
Defended Spring 2014
Postdoc, University of Texas at Austin
Fang Wang
Defended Summer 2014
Researcher, Stata
Sanghyun Lee
Defended Summer 2014
Postdoc, ICES University of Texas at Austin
Seul-Ki Kang
Defended Summer 2012
Analyst, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co.
Vladimir Tomov
Defended May 2014
Postdoc, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Youli Mao
Defended August 2014
Daniel Castanon
Defended May 2016
Postdoc, BCAM-Bilbao, Spain
Travis Thompson
Defended August 2013
Research Associate, Joint Institute for Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Lab
Fahad Alrashed
Defended May 2015
Computational Modeling Scientist, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Yong Yang
Defended August 2016
Postdoc, Pennsylvania State University
Manuel Quezada de Luna
Defended August 2016
Postdoc, US Army ERDC
Arezou Ghesmati
Defended 2017
Spencer Patty
Defended August 2017
Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
Wenyu Lei
Defended 2018