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Texas A&M University

Geometry and Topology

Geometry is, with arithmetic, one of the oldest branches of mathematics. It is concerned with properties of space that are related with distance, shape, size, and symmetry. Topology is concerned with the properties of geometric objects that are preserved under continuous deformations, such as stretching, twisting, crumpling, and bending. Nowadays, using tools from analysis, algebra, and other branches of mathematics, geometers and topologists study spaces which can be as concrete as our own universe, or as abstract as manifolds, varieties, schemes, etc.

The TAMU geometry and topology group has diverse research interests, including algebraic geometry, differential geometry, integral geometry, discrete geometry, noncommutative geometry, geometric control theory, low-dimensional topology, algebraic topology, with broad connections to algebra, analysis, applied and computational mathematics, mathematical physics, theoretical computer science, etc.


Geometry Seminar
Monday 3PM & Friday 4pm

Topology Seminar
Wednesday 4PM

Working Geometry Seminar
Tuesday, 2:00-3:30pm


Texas Geometry and Topology Conference

Texas Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Faculty and Research Interests

Irina Bobkova - Algebraic topology, computational aspects of equivariant and chromatic homotopy theory

Stephen Fulling - Mathematical physics

Peter Kuchment - Integral geometry & geometric analysis

J.M. Landsberg - Algebraic geometry & differential geometry

Paulo Lima-Filho - Algebraic geometry & algebraic topology

Laura Matusevich - Algebraic geometry & discrete geometry

Gregory Pearlstein - Complex geometry

Jon Pitts - Geometric analysis

J. Maurice Rojas - Algebraic geometry & discrete geometry

Eric Rowell - Motion groups, topological quantum field theory and topological phases of matter

Frank Sottile - Algebraic geometry & discrete Geometry

Peter Stiller - Algebraic geometry and applications

Tian Yang - Geometric topology & quantum topology

Guoliang Yu - Noncommutative geometry, K-theory of operator algebras, index theory, topology and analysis of manifolds, geometric group theory

Zhizhang Xie - Noncommutative geometry, K-theory of operator algebras, index theory, and their applications to geometry and topology

Guangbo Xu - Symplectic geometry, gauge theory, and mathematical physics

Igor Zelenko - Differential geometry of nonholonomic structures, geometric control Theory, CR geometry

Visiting members

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Student members

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Updated December 8, 2020