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Texas A&M University

Applied Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Research

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Applied and interdisciplinary research overlaps with nearly every other research group in the department. These activities include computational materials science, porous media, fluid mechanics, transport equations, inverse problems and imaging, complexity theory, computational algebra, computational geometry, and mathematical biology.

The department plays key roles in two major university interdisciplinary institutes. The Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science is funded by a $20 million five-year grant from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and involves a collaboration between Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Three of its co-directors are professors of Mathematics: Yalchin Efendiev, Peter Kuchment, and Jay Walton. The second is the Institute of Scientific Computation (ISC), which is a multidisciplinary research center devoted to the design, analysis and implementation of innovative computational tools to advance scientific and engineering research and education. The director of the ISC is Yalchin Efendiev, Professor of Mathematics. At least a half-dozen other members of the Mathematics Department are involved with both institutes.



Below is a list of faculty in applied mathematics or who are involved with interdisciplinary research.

Wolfgang Bangerth
Computational science and inverse problems; applications to imaging

Greg Berkolaiko
Partial differential equations, mathematical physics, quantum graphs

Andrea Bonito
Numerical analysis; adaptive finite element methods with applications to viscoelastic fluids

Gordon Chen
Control theory, partial differental equations, chaotic dynamics; quantum computation

Prabir Daripa
Computational fluid dynamics

Ron DeVore
Koss Professor of Mathematics
Nonlinear approximation theory, numerical analysis, remote sensing

Yalchin Efendiev
ISC Director
Numerical analysis, multiscale methods

Ciprian Foias
Fluid Mechanics

Stephen Fulling
Mathematical Physics - quantum field theory

Jean-Luc Guermond
Numerical analysis, computational fluid mechanics

Alexandru Hening
Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Biology

Guido Kanschat
Numerical Analysis, scientific computation, computational fluid mechanics, transport equations

William Johnson,
Owen Chair Professor
Functional analysis, with applications to computer science

Peter Kuchment
Partial differential equations, mathematical physics, and computerized tomography

Joseph Landsberg
Algebraic and differential geometry - applications to complexity theory and signal analysis

Raytcho Lazarov
Numerical analysis, finite elements

Lee Panetta
Fluid mechanics with applications to atmospheric science

Joseph E. Pasciak
Numerical analysis, large scale parallel scientific computation

Guergana Petrova
Partial differential equations, and approximation theory

Michael S. Pilant
Numerical analysis with applications to ground water flow

Bojan Popov
Conservation laws, approximation theory, and numerical analysis

J. Maurice Rojas
Computational algebraic geometry, with applications to biochemistry and satellite tracking

Eric Rowell
Quantum topology, quantum computation

William Rundell
Partial differential equations and inverse problems

Anne Shiu
Computational algebraic geometry, with applications to biochemical systems and neuroscience

Frank Sottile
Computational algebraic geometry with applications to algebraic statistics and geometric modeling

Peter Stiller
Computational algebraic geometry, with applications to robotics and image recognition

Jay Walton
Solid mechanics, mathematical biology

Catherine Yan
Combinatorics, with applications to industrial engineering

Jianxin Zhou
Control Theory, optimization, and numerical computation