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Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Cover Poster

Each year, the month of April is designated the Mathematics Awareness Month by

to recognize the importance of mathematics. To avoid the end-of-semester chaos, Texas A&M will hold its annual Fair at the end of February.

Activities at Texas A&M University:
Huge thanks to all of our coordinators, speakers, and volunteers for making Mathematics and Statistics Fair 2021 a HUGE success!

Keep your calendars marked for our next Mathematics and Statistics Fair — Saturday February 26, 2022
Watch our 2021 lecture series here:
Public Lecture by Dr. James Tanton
Weird English and Weird Numbers
Abstract: Have you ever noticed that the spelling of "weird" is weird? What happened to “I before e” and all that? And have you ever noticed how strange English is with regard to thinking, visualising, and saying numbers? Let me point out how strange English can be in this regard and, moreover, how we can use its quirkiness to our mathematical advantage!
Advanced Lecture (Part 1) and Advanced Lecture (Part 2)by Dr. James Tanton
How to fold things into thirds, sevenths, and thirty-sevenths!
Abstract: Come with something floppy in hand--a string, a shoelace, a tie, or perhaps a floppy zucchini. Not only will we fold the object into strange fractional lengths, we’ll also see how folding it into fractions leads to famous unsolved mathematics! Can you solve an unsolved problem?
Photos from Math Fair 2020
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Problems and solutions from some previous
Problem Solving Contests:

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