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Texas A&M University


G. Donald Allen

  • G.D. Allen and M. Pilant, Online masters of mathematics degree program - quality issues, Computers in Schools, to appear.

Michael Anshelevich

  • M. Anshelevich, Bochner-Pearson-type characterization of the free Meixner class, Adv. Appl. Math., the Dennis Stanton Special Issue, (22 pages).

Wolfgang Bangerth

  • C-C Chueh, M. Secanell, W. Bangerth, and N. Djilali, Multi-level adaptive simulation of transient two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media, Computers Fluids, accepted.

  • B. Turcksin, J.C. Ragusa and W. Bangerth, Goal-oriented h-adaptivity for the multigroup SPN equations, Nuclear Sci. Engrg., (2009), accepted.

  • W. Bangerth and A. Joshi, Adaptive finite element methods for nonlinear inverse problems, Proc. 24rd ACM Symposium Appl. Computing, March 8-12, 2009, Honolulu, Hawaii, accepted.

Guy Battle

  • G. Battle, An Intrinsic Cluster Expansion for Statistical Mechanics, Texas A&M Univ.

  • P. Federbush, R. Robinson, and G. Battle, Tree Graphs and Quasi-Bounded Spin Systems, Texas A&M Univ.

  • G. Battle, Non-Gaussion α-Positivity of φ2nd Field Theories II, Texas A&M Univ.

  • G. Battle, Phase Cell Cluster Expansion of Group-Valued Sigma Models, Part I: Phase Cell Positivity in the Small-Field Region, Univ. of British Columbia.

  • P. Federbush and G. Battle, The Phase Cell Approach to the Non-Linear σ-Model, Part I: Lattice-Continuum Duality, Univ. of Michigan.

  • P. Federbush and G. Battle, The Phase Cell Approach to the Non-Linear σ-Model, Part II: Modified Block Spin and Local Stability, Univ. of Michigan.

  • P. Federbush and G. Battle, A Note on Divergence-Free Vector Wavelets, Univ. of Michigan.

  • G. Battle, Two Scalar Analogs of Yang Mills Theory, Texas A&M Univ.

  • G. Battle, Plasma Confinement in Four Space Dimensions, Texas A&M Univ.

  • G. Battle, Structure of the RG Transformation for the Osiris Dipole Gas, Texas A&M Univ.

  • G. Battle, Complete Sets of Osiris Wavelets in Two and Three Dimensions, Texas A&M Univ.

  • G. Battle, Isis Variables and Central Variables, Texas A&M Univ.

Gregory Berkolaiko

  • G. Berkolaiko, A. Comech, On spectral stability of solitary waves of nonlinear Dirac equation on a line.

  • G. Berkolaiko, J.M. Harrison and M. Novaes, On inequivalent factorizations of a cycle.

  • G. Berkolaiko and B. Winn, Relationship between scattering matrix and spectrum of quantum graphs, Trans. AMS, to appear.

G.R. Blakley

  • Bob Blakley and G.R. Blakley, All sail, no anchor III: SSS and hashes as coobjects, Proceedings of ACISP 2005.

Al Boggess

  • A. Boggess and A. Raich, The boxb heat equation on quadric manifolds, J. Geom. Anal., to appear.

Andrea Bonito

  • A. Bonito, Ph. Clément and M. Picasso, Viscoelastic flows with complex free surfaces: Numerical analysis and simulations, in Handbook of Numerical Analysis, vol. XVI: Viscoelastic solids and fluids, 307-371.

  • A. Bonito and Ph. Clément, A remark on a theorem of Dore concerning Lp maximal regularity, Internal Report EPFL-IACS, No. 09.2006 (9 pages).

  • A. Bonito, R.H. Nochetto and M.S. Pauletti, Dynamics of biomembranes: Effect of the bulk fluid, Math. Model. Nat. Phenom., 19 pp.

  • A. Bonito and J.-L. Guermond, Approximation of the eigenvalue problem for time harmonic Maxwell system by continuous Lagrange finite elements, Math. Comp., 24 pp.

Lewis Bowen

  • L. Bowen, Nonabelian free group actions: Markov processes, the Abramov-Rohlin formula and Yuzvinskii's formula, Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems (39 pages), accepted.

  • L. Bowen, Weak isomorphisms between Bernoulli shifts, Israel J. of Math. (10 pages), accepted.

  • L. Bowen, Entropy for expansive algebraic actions of residually finite groups, Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems (18 pages), accepted.

  • L. Bowen, Orbit equivalence, coinduced actions and free products, Groups, Geometry and Dynamics (16 pages), accepted.

  • L. Bowen, Stable orbit equivalence of Bernoulli shifts over free groups, Groups, Geometry and Dynamics (24 pages), accepted.

James H. Bramble

Goong Chen

  • G. Chen, V. Ramakrishna and Z. Zhang, A unified approach to universality for three distinct types of 2-qubit quantum computing devices, Contemp. Math., Amer. Math. Soc., 2011, to appear.

  • G. Chen, S.B. Hsu, Y. Huang, and M. Roque-Sol, The spectrum of chaotic time series (I): Fourier analysis, Internat. J. Bifur. Chaos Appl. Sci. Engrg., to appear.

  • G. Chen, S.B. Hsu, Y. Huang, and M. Roque-Sol, The spectrum of chaotic time series (II): Wavelet analysis, Internat. J. Bifur. Chaos Appl. Sci. Engrg., to appear.

Andrew Comech

  • A. Komech and A. Komech, On global attraction to quantum stationary states. Dirac equation with mean field interaction, Comm. Math. Anal., to appear.

Prabir Daripa

  • P. Daripa and G. Pasa, The effect of surfactant on long bubbles rising in vertical capillary tubes, J. Stat. Mech. 17 pp., to appear.

  • P. Daripa, A remark on the selection mechanism of the zero surface tension limit bubble, Appl. Numer. Math. (8 pages), to appear.

  • P. Daripa and B. Dandapat and P.C. Ray, An asymptotic study of film thinning process on a spinning annular disk, J. Appl. Phys., Sept. Issue. (26 pages), to appear.

Ronald DeVore

  • R. DeVore, A. Cohen and C. Schwab, Analytic regularity and polynomial approximation of parametric stochastic elliptic PDEs, preprint.

  • R. DeVore, R. Baraniuk, M. Davenport, and M. Waken, The Johnson-Lindenstrauss lemma meets compressed sensing.

  • R. DeVore, P. Binev, M. Hielsberg, L.S. Johnson, B. Karaivanov, B. Lane, and R. Sharpley, Geometric encoding of natural and urban terrains, preprint.

  • R. DeVore, A. Cohen, I. Daubechies, G. Kerkyacharian, and D. Picard, Capturing ridge functions in high dimensions from point queries, preprint.

  • R. DeVore, P. Binev, A. Cohen, W. Dahmen, G. Petrova, and P. Wojtaszczyk, Convergence rates for greedy algorithms in reduced basis methods, preprint.

  • R. DeVore, P. Binev, W. Dahmen, P. Lamby, D. Savu, and R. Sharpley, Compressed sensing and electron microscopy, preprint.

Ronald Douglas

  • R.G. Douglas, C. Foias and J. Sarkar, Resolutions of Hilbert modules and similarity, J. Geom. Anal. 18 pp., to appear.

  • R.G. Douglas and Y.-S. Kim, Reducing subspaces on the annulus, Integral Equation Operator Theory, 2009, to appear.

  • R.G. Douglas, G. Misra and J. Sarkar, Contractive Hilbert modules and their dilations over the polydisk algebra, Israel J. Math., to appear.

Kenneth J. Dykema

  • K. Dykema and D. Redelmeier, Lower bounds for the spectral radii of adjacency operators on Baumslag-Solitar groups.

  • K. Dykema and B. Collins, Free products of sofic groups with amalgamation over amenable groups, Münster J. Math. (17 pages).

  • K. Dykema and B. Collins, A non-convex asymptotic quantum Horn body, New York J. Math. (7 pages).

  • K. Dykema and K. Juschenko, Matrices of unitary moments, Math. Scand. (15 pages).

  • K. Dykema, A description of amalgamated free products of finite von Neumann algebras over finite dimensional subalgebras, Bull. London Math. Soc. (13 pages).

Yalchin Efendiev

  • E. Chung, Y. Efendiev and R. Gibson, An energy-conserving discontinuous multiscale finite element method for wave equation in heterogeneous media, accepted.

Tamás Erdélyi

  • P. Borwein, T. Erdélyi, and J. Zhang, Orthogonality and irrationality.

  • T. Erdélyi, K. Khodjasteh and L. Viola, The size of exponential sums on intervals of the real line, Constructive Approx. (14 pages), accepted.

  • K. Khodjasteh, T. Erdélyi and L. Viola, Limits on preserving quantum coherence using multipulse control, Rapid Commun. Phys. Rev. A (4 pages), accepted.

Junsheng Fang

  • J. Fang, On completely singular von Neumann subalgebras, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, to appear.

Stephen A. Fulling

  • K.A. Milton, P. Parashar, J. Wagner, K.V. Shajesh, A. Romeo, and S. Fulling, How does quantum vacuum energy accelerate?, Proc. ICHEP08, Philadelphia, 2008 (4 pages), in press.

  • S. A. Fulling, Minakshisundaram and the birth of geometric spectral asymptotics, J. Assn. Math. Teachers Andhra Pradesh, 2004.

  • S. A. Fulling, Large numbers, the Chinese remainder theorem, and the circle of fifths. Preprint available

  • S. A. Fulling, How to do without the inverse secant (and even the secant itself). Preprint available

Julien Giol

  • J. Giol and D. Kerr, Subshifts and perforation, J. Reine. Angew. Math, to appear.

  • J. Giol, L. Kovalev, D. Larson, N. Nguyen, and J. Tener, Projections and idempotents with fixed diagonal.

Yuliya Gorb

  • Y. Gorb, L. Berlyand, and A. Novikov, Anomalous blow-up of the effective viscous dissipation rate in 2D model of concentrated suspensions, The Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, accepted.

Rostislav Grigorchuk

  • R.I. Grigorchuk, V. Kaimanovich and T. Nagnibeda, Ergodic properties of boundary actions and Nielsen-Schreier theory, preprint.

  • R.I. Grigorchuk and J.S. Wilson, A rigidity property concerning abstract commensurability of subgroups, Journal of London Mathematical Society, to appear.

Jean-Luc Guermond

  • J.-L. Guermond, R. Laguerre, J. Leorat, and C. Nore, A solution method for nonlinear magnetohydrodynamics in axisymmetric heterogeneous domains using a Fourier/finite element technique and an interior penalty method, J. Comput. Phys., accepted.

  • J.-L. Guermond and A. Bonito, Approximation of the eigenvalue problem for the time harmonic Maxwell system by continuous Lagrange finite elements, Math. Comp., in press.

  • J.-L. Guermond, R. Pasquettu and B. Popov, Entropy viscosity method for nonlinear conservation laws, J. Comput. Phys., in press.

Arthur Hobbs

  • Herbert Fleischner, Arthur Hobbs Michael Muzheve, and Gert Sabidussi, Vertex envelopes of plane cubic graphs (28 pages).

Peter Howard

  • P. Howard, Spectral analysis for transition front solutions in Cahn-Hilliard systems, (2010), preprint.

  • P. Howard, Spectral analysis for stationary solutions of the Cahn--Hilliard equation in Rd Comm. Partial Differential Equations, to appear.

William B. Johnson

  • W.B. Johnson and B. Zheng, Subspaces and quotients of reflexive Banach spaces with shrinking unconditional bases, Israel J. Math., to appear.

  • W.B. Johnson, B. Maurey and G. Schechtman, Non-linear factorization of linear operators, Bull. London Math. Soc., to appear.

  • W.B. Johnson, T. Figiel and A. Pelczynski, Some approximation properties of Banach spaces and Banach lattices, Israel J. Math. (25 pages), to appear.

Guido Kanschat

  • M. Allmaras, D. Darrow, Y. Hristova, G. Kanschat, and P. Kuchment, Detecting small low emission radiating sources, 2010, preprint.

David Kerr

  • D. Kerr and H. Li, Soficity, amenability, and dynamical entropy, Amer. J. Math., 35 pp.

  • D. Kerr and H. Li, Bernoulli actions and infinite entropy, Groups Geom. Dyn., 8 pp.

  • D. Kerr, Amenability and invariant means in topological dynamics, 29 pp.

Thomas Kiffe

  • T. Kiffe, J. Matis, and G. Michels, A population dynamics perspective on the effect of irrigation regimes and plant densities on greenbug abundance in grain sorghum, Environ. Entom., in press.

Andreas Klappenecker

Peter Kuchment

  • G. Berkolaiko and P. Kuchment, Dependence of the spectrum of a quantum graph on vertex conditions and edge lengths, 2010, preprint.

  • M. Allmaras, D. Darrow, Y. Hristova, P. Kuchment, and G. Kanschat, Detecting small low emission radiating sources, 2010, preprint.

  • X. Xun, B. Mallick, R. Carroll, and P. Kuchment, Bayesian approach to detection of small low emission sources, 2010, preprint.

  • P. Kuchment and O. Scherzer, Mathematical methods in photoacoustic imaging, Springer Electronic Encyclopedia on Imaging, to appear.

  • M. Braverman, L. Friedlander, T. Kappeler, P. Kuchment, P. Topalov, J. Weitsman (eds.) Spectral Theory and Geometric Analysis, AMS, to appear.

  • H. Farkas, T. Kawai, P. Kuchment, T.E. Quinto, S. Sternberg, D. Struppa, and B.A. Taylor, Remembering Leon Ehrenpreis: 1930-2010, Notices of AMS, to appear.

  • P. Kuchment and S. Lvin, Identities for sin(x) that came from medical imaging, preprint.

  • P. Kuchment and M. Agranovsky, The support theorem for the single radius spherical mean transform, preprint.

Joseph Landsberg

  • J.M. Landsberg, L. Manivel and N. Ressayre, Hypersurfaces with degenerate duals and the geometric complexity theory program, CMH, to appear.
  • J.M. Landsberg, The Geometry of Tensors with Applications, to appear.

David Larson

  • J. Fang, D. Larson and S. Rowe, On operator algebras with property P1, Involve 34 pp., to appear.

  • D. Dutkay, D. Larson and S. Silvestrov, Irreducible wavelet representations and ergodic automorphisms on solenoids, Operators and Matrices 19 pp., to appear.

Aaron Lauve

  • A. Lauve, J. Berstel, C. Reutenauer, and F.V. Saliola, Combinatorics on words: Christoffel words and repetitions in words, CRM Monograph Series, Vol. 27, AMS.

  • A. Lauve, A. Glen, and F.V. Saliola, A note on the Markoff condition and central words, Inform. Process. Lett..

  • A. Lauve amd F. Bergeron, Invariant and coinvariant spaces for the algebra of symmetric polynomials in non-commuting variables DMTCS Proc. (FPSAC 2008), to appear.

  • A. Lauve, Quasideterminants and q-commuting minors.

  • A. Lauve, Flag varieties for the Yangian Y(gln).

Raytcho D. Lazarov

Paulo Lima-Filho

Laura Matusevich

  • L.F. Matusevich, Weyl closure for hypergeometric systems, Collectanea Mathematica, to appear.

  • A. Dickenstein, L.F. Matusevich, and E. Miller, Combinatorics of Binomial primary decomposition, Mathematische Zeitschrift, to appear.

Carlton J. Maxson

  • C.J. Maxson and A.B. van der Merwe, Forcing linearity numbers for finitely generated modules, Rocky Mt. Journal of Math., to appear.

Francis Narcowich

  • T. Hangelbroek, F.J. Narcowich, X. Sun, and J.D. Ward, Kernel approximation on manifolds II: The L-norm of the L2-projector, SIAM J. Math. Anal., to appear.

  • M.H. Mhaskar, F.J. Narcowich and J.D. Ward, Neural network frames on the sphere, Neural networks.

Volodymyr Nekrashevych

  • V. Nekrashevych and G. Pete, Scale-invariant groups, Groups, Geometry and Dynamics 25 pp., accepted.

  • V. Nekrashevych, Iterated monodromy groups, "Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath," LMS Lecture Notes, 48 pp., accepted.

  • V. Nekrashevych, Words: Notes on verbal width in groups. By Dan Segal, book review in Bull. AMS 5 pp., accepted.

  • N. Nekrashevych, An uncountable family of three-generated groups acting on the binary tree.

Kathryn Nyman

  • K. Nyman and E. Swartz, Inequalities for the h and flag h-vectors of geometric lattices.

Grigoris Paouris

  • G. Paouris, Small ball probability estimates for log-concave measures, Trans. AMS 26 pp., accepted.

  • A. Giannopoulos, G. Paouris and P. Valettas, On the existence of subgaussian directions for log-concave measures, Contemp. Math. 20 pp., accepted.

  • A. Giannopoulos, G. Paouris and P. Valettas, Ψ(a)-estimates for marginals of log-concave probability measures, Proc. AMS 12 pp., accepted.

  • M. Fradelizi, G. Paouris and C. Schütt, Simplices in the Euclidean ball, Can. Math. Bull. 12 pp., accepted.

Matthew Papanikolas

  • C.-Y. Chang, M.A. Papanikolas and J. Yu, Frobenius difference equations and algebraic independence of zeta values in positive characteristic, Algebra Number Theory 14 pp., accepted.

  • C.-Y. Chang and M. A. Papanikolas, Algebraic relations among periods and logarithms of rank 2 Drinfeld modules, Amer. J. Math. 25 pp., accepted.

Joseph E. Pasciak

Carl Pearcy

  • S. Hamid and C. Pearcy, Hyperinvariant subspaces and (BCP)-operators on an annulus, Acta Sci. Math. (Sz.), accepted.

  • C. Foias, S. Hamid, C.Onica, and C. Pearcy, An inequality for positive functionals on opeartor algebras, Acta Sci. Math. (Sz.), accepted.

Guergana Petrova

  • S. Bryson, Y. Epshteyn, A. Kurganov, and G. Petrova, Well-balanced positivity preserving central-upwind scheme on triangular grids for the Saint-Venant system, M2AN Math. Model. Numer. Anal., accepted.

  • P. Binev, A. Cohen, W. Dahmen, R. DeVore, G. Petrova, and P. Wojtaszczyk, Convergence rates for greedy algorithms in reduced basis methods, SIAM J. Math. Anal., accepted.

Michael Pilant

  • M. Pilant, R. Hall, J. Epstein, Y. Hester, and A. Strader, Issues involved in a large scale implementation of web-based mathematics instruction, International Conference on Mathematics/Science Education and Technology Conference Proceedings, 1999.

Gilles Pisier

  • G. Pisier, Complex interpolation between Hilbert, Banach and operator spaces, Memoirs Amer. Math.Soc., accepted.

  • G. Pisier, Remarks on the non-commutative Khintchine inequalities for p between 0 and 2, J. Funct. Anal., accepted.

  • G. Pisier, Completely co-bounded maps, preprint.

  • G. Pisier, Grothendieck's Theorem, past and present, preprint.

  • Are unitarizable groups amenable? Proc. Gaeta Conference in honor of Grigorchuk's 50th birthday, accepted.

Alexei Poltoratski

  • A. Poltoratski, B. Simon, and M. Zinchenko, The Hilbert transform of a measure, J. d'Anal. Math., to appear.

  • A. Poltoratski, Asymptotic behavior of arguments of Cauchy integrals, Special Volume Devoted to the 75th birthday of V.P. Havin, to appear

  • A. Poltoratski and C. Remling, Reflectionless Herglotz functions and Jacobi matrices, Comm. Math. Phys., to appear.

  • A. Poltoratski and N. Makarov, Beurling-Malliavin theory for Toeplitz kernels, preprint.

Bojan Popov

  • J.-L. Guermond, R. Pasquetti and B. Popov, From suitable weak solutions to entropy viscosity, Quality and Reliability of Large-Eddy Simulations II, ERCOFTAC Series, Springer, (2010), 16 pp., in press.

  • J.-L. Guermond, R. Pasquetti, and B. Popov, Entropy viscosity method for nonlinear conservation laws, J. Comput. Phys. (2010), 20 pp., in press.

  • O. Mehmetoglu and B. Popov, Maximum principle and convergence of central schemes based on slope limiters, Math. Comp. 13 pp., in press.

Coleen Robles

  • C. Robles, Parallel calibrations and minimal submanifolds, Illinois J. Math. 10 pp., accepted.

J. Maurice Rojas

  • M. Passare, J.M. Rojas and B. Shapiro, New multiplier sequences via discriminant amoebae, Moscow Math. J. (special issue in memory of Vladimir Arnold), to appear.

  • P. Pébay, J.M. Rojas and D.C. Thompson, Optimizing n-variate (n+k)-nomials for small k, Theoret. Comput. Sci. (special issue for Symbolic Numeric Computation, 2009), to appear.

Eric Rowell

  • D. Naidu and E. C. Rowell, A finiteness property for braided fusion categories, Algebr. Represent. Theory., accepted.

  • E.C. Rowell, A quaternionic braid representation (after Goldschmidt and Jones), Quantum Topol., accepted.

Jaydeb Sarkar

  • J. Sarkar and R.G. Douglas, Essentially reductive weighted shift Hilbert modules, J. Operator Theory, to appear.

  • J. Sarkar and R.G. Douglas, On unitarily equivalent submodules, Indiana University Mathematics J., to appear.

  • J. Sarkar, Reducing subspaces for a class of tuple of operators.

Vincent Schielack

  • V. Schielack, A tournament sum of geometric sequences, Math. Magazine.

Thomas B. Schlumprecht

  • T. Schlumprecht, E. Odell and R. Haydon, Small subspaces of Lp, to appear in Annals of Math., ca. 31 pp.

  • T. Schlumprecht, D. Freeman and E. Odell, The universality of l1 as a dual space, to appear in Math. Annalen, ca. 33 pp.

  • T. Schlumprecht, On the closed sub ideals of L(lp,lq), to appear in Oper. Matrices, ca. 15 pp.

  • T. Schlumprecht, A. Bailey and N. Sivakumar, Nonuniform sampling and recovery of multidimensional bandlimited functions by Gaussian radial-basis functions, to appear in Fourier Anal. Appl., ca. 14 pp.

  • T. Schlumprecht, S. Dilworth, D. Freeman, and E. Odell, Greedy bases for Besov spaces, to appear in Constructive Approx., ca. 14 pp.

  • T. Schlumprecht, E. Odell, B. Sari, and B. Zheng, Systems formed by translations of one element in Lp, to appear in Trans. AMS, ca. 23 pp.

  • T. Schlumprecht, S. Dilworth, E. Odell, and A. Zsak, Partial unconditionality, Houston J. Math., (50 pages), to appear.

  • T. Schlumprecht, On the robustness of option pricing.

  • T. Schlumprecht and G. Androulakis, On the subsymmetric sequences in S.

  • T. Schlumprecht and G. Androulakis, Block sequences in S.

N. Sivakumar

  • B.A. Bailey, Th. Schlumprecht and N. Sivakumar, Nonuniform sampling and recovery of multidimensional bandlimited functions by Gaussian radial-basis functions, J. Fourier Anal. Appl., to appear

Roger Smith

  • R.R. Smith, E. Christensen, A.M. Sinclair, S. White, and W. Winter, Perturbations of nuclear C* algebras, Acta Math., to appear.

  • R.R. Smith, J. Fang and M. Gao, The relative weak asymptotic homomorphism property for inclusions of finite von Neumann algebras, Internat. J. Math., to appear.

Frank Sottile

  • F. Bihan and F. Sottile, Fewnomial bounds for completely mixed polynomial systems, Adv. Geom. (13 pages), to appear.

  • D.J. Bates and F. Sottile, Khovanskii-Rolle continuation for real solutions, Found. Comput. Math. (21 pages).

  • L. García-Puente, C. Zhu and F. Sottile, Toric degenerations of Bézier patches, ACM Trans. Graphics,

Peter F. Stiller

  • M. Ferrara, P.F. Stiller and G. Arnold, "Performance metrics for shape and motion reconstruction from orthographically-projected data," 15 pages, preprint 2008.

  • Ferrara, M. A., Stiller, P. F., Kondrath, A., Arnold, D. G., "Shape and motion reconstruction via object-image metric minimization," 11 pages, preprint.

  • P.F. Stiller, An introduction to the theory of resultants.

  • P.F. Stiller, Sparse resultants.

Emil Straube

  • E. Straube, The complex Green operator on CR-submanifolds of Cn of hypersurface type: compactness, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. (19 pages), to appear.

Zoran Sunik

  • Z. Sunic, Finite self-similar p-groups with abelian first level stabilizers, Internat. J. Algebra Comput. scheduled for publication in 2011, no. 1-2, (10 pages).

  • Z. Sunic, Pattern closure of groups of tree automorphisms, Bull. Math. Sci., scheduled for publication in 2011, (12 pages).

Steven D. Taliaferro

  • S. Taliaferro, Blow-up of solutions of nonlinear parabolic inequalities, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., (15 pages).

Paula Tretkoff

  • P. Tretkoff and M.H. Martin, Inaugural lectures: Transcendence of values of transcendental functions at algebraic points, Parts I and II, to appear in JAMI Proc. 2009, Johns Hopkins U. (15 pages).

  • A. Connes and P. Tretkoff, The Gauss Bonnet Theorem for the non-commutative two torus, to appear in JAMI Proceedings 2009, Johns Hopkins U. (18 pages).

  • P. Tretkoff, Complex Surfaces, Hypergeometric Functions and Line Arrangements in the Projective Plane, to appear in University Lecture Series, Princeton University Press, (150 pages).

Mariya Vorobets

  • M. Vorobets and Y. Vorobets, On a free group of transformations defined by an automaton.

  • M. Vorobets and Y. Vorobets, On a series of finite automata defining free transformation groups.

  • M. Vorobets, B. Steinberg, and Y. Vorobets, Automata over a binary alphabet generating free groups of even rank.

  • M. Vorobets, On the L-representation of the Grigorchuk group.

Jay Walton

  • K.R. Rajagopal and J.R. Walton, Modeling fracture in the context of a strain-limiting theory of elasticity: A single anti-plane shear crack, to appear Int. J. Frac., 2010.

  • E. Aulisa, A.I. Ibragimov and J.R. Walton, A new method for evaluating the productivity index for nonlinear flows, SPE J. (2008), to appear.

  • J.R. Walton and T.L. Leise, Dynamically accelerating cracks 3: Two growing and coalescing mode III cracks in elastic material, (1999).

Joseph D. Ward

  • T. Hangelbroek, F.J. Narcowich, X. Sun, and J. D. Ward, Kernel interpolation on manifolds II: L-norm of the L2-projector, SIAM Math. Anal., to appear.

Sarah Witherspoon

  • A.V. Shepler and S. Witherspoon, Quantum differentiation and chain maps of bimodule complexes, Algebra and Number Theory (22 pages), accepted.

  • A.V. Shepler and S. Witherspoon, Finite groups acting linearly: Hochschild cohomology and the cup product, Adv. Math. (30 pages), accepted.

  • D. Naidu, P. Shroff, and S. Witherspoon, Hochschild cohomology of group extensions of quantum symmetric algebras, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. (14 pages), accepted.

Catherine Huafei Yan

  • J-C. Lee, C.H. Yan and Y. Yang, High-energy string scattering amplitudes and signless Stirling number identity.

  • Ronald L. Graham, Jeffrey C. Lagarias, Colin L. Mallows, Allan R. Wilks, and Catherine H. Yan, Integral Apollonian circle packings.

  • C.H. Yan and J. Spencer, A ball-allocation problem and the branching process, (2000).

  • J. Spencer and C.H. Yan, An enumeration problem and the branching process, Combinatorics, Probability & Computing (20 pages).

  • C.H. Yan, J. Kung and X. Sun, Goncarov-type polynomials and applications in combinatorics.

Matthew Young

  • M.P. Young, The second moment of GL(3) × GL(2) L-functions, integrated, to appear in Adv. Math. (20 pages).

  • M.P. Young, The fourth moment of Dirichlet L-functions, Ann. Math. (44 pages).

  • J.B. Conrey, H. Bui and M.P. Young, More than 41% of the zeros of the zeta function are on the critical line, to appear in Acta Arith. (23 pages).

  • M.P. Young, The reciprocity law for the twisted second moment of Dirichlet L-functions, Forum Math. (12 pages).

Igor Zelenko

  • C. Li and I. Zelenko, Jacobi equations and comparison theorems for Corank 1 sub-Riemannian structures with symmetries, J. Geom. Phys. 27 pp., accepted.

  • B. Doubrov and I. Zelenko, Equivalence of variational problems of higher order, Differential Geom. Appl. 16 pp., accepted.

  • W. Krynski and I. Zelenko, Canonical frames for distributions of odd rank and corank 2 with maximal first Kronecker index, J. Lie Theory 40 pp., accepted.

Jianxin Zhou

Joel Zinn

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