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Texas A&M University

2000 Travel and Talks

January 2000

  • David Dobson
    Presented research results at the 2000 AFOSR Workshop on Electromagnetics in San Antonio, TX, January 12-15, 2000.

  • Kenneth Dykema
    Institut Henri Poincare, Paris, France. Workshop talk: "Cuntz-Pimsner algebras and topological entropy", (one hour) Research level short course: "Von Neumann algebras related to free groups and free products", (six hours)

    Gave a research level short course "von Neumann algebras related to free groups and free products" (six hours) at Institut Henri Poincare in Paris, France.

    Institute Henri Poincare', Paris, France, January, 2000. Special semester in free probability theory and operator spaces, 6 hour (invited) research level short course, "Von Neumann algebras and free probability"

    Institute Henri Poincare, Paris, France, January, 2000. Free Probability Theory Workshop, 50 minute invited talk, "Free product C*-algebras, Cuntz-Pimsner algebras and topological entropy"

  • David Larson
    Gave a talk in Washington, DC at the Special AMS Session entitled "Wandering vectors for unitary systems". He also participated in two AMS focus meetings and one NSF focus meeting, January 17-23, 2000.

  • Tamás Erdélyi
    Gave a colloquium talk at the Mathematics Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary.

  • Richard E. Ewing
    Biocomplexity in Subsurface Bioremediation Problems, IMA-NSF Workshop in Biocomplexity, Special Conference 2000: Opportunities in the Mathematical Sciences, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 14, 2000.

    Bioremediation of Multiphase Flows in Porous Media, IMA Conference on Confinement and Remediation of Environmental Hazards, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 15, 2000.

  • Catherine Yan
    Gave a talk in Washington D.C., Special AMS Session entitled "Geometric identities in linear lattices". January 18-22, 2000.

February 2000

  • Richard E. Ewing
    Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Highly Heterogeneous Media, IMA Conference on Resource Recovery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 12, 2000.

  • Raytcho Lazarov and Joseph Pasciak Attended the Finite Element Rodeo 2000 Conference in Austin, TX, February 25-27, 2000.

  • Edward Letzter
    Participated in research at MSRI in Berkeley, CA and gave a lecture at a two-week workshop, January 30-February 27, 2000.

  • Emil Straube
    Gave a talk in the Analysis Seminar at UC, San Diego on "Compactness in the d-bar Neumann problem vs. discs in the boundary".

  • Mohammed Ziane
    Visited the Department of Mathmatics at Indiana University.

March 2000

  • Goong Chen
    Gave a talk at the Texas PDE Seminar in Austin, TX, March 23-24, 2000.

  • Richard E. Ewing
    Chair, Algorithms Working Group, Dynamic Data Drive Applications Systems Conference on Creating a Dynamic and Symbolic Coupling of Simulations with Measurements and Experiments, Washington, D.C., March 3, 2000.

    Interactive Control of Large-Scale Simulations, NSF, Washington, D.C., March 8, 2000.

  • Kenneth Dykema
    Attended the AMS meeting in Santa Barbara, CA. Then went to Berkeley, CA for consultations, March 10-19, 2000.

  • Arthur Hobbs
    Presented a paper at the Southeast Combinatorics Conference in Boca Raton, FL, March 12-17, 2000.

  • William B. Johnson
    Attended the Geometric Convex Analysis Conference in Haifa, Israel.

    Attended Conference on Convex Geometric Analysis in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Carl Pearcy
    Gave a Plenary Lecture at the Southeastern Analysis Meeting at the University of Virginia.

  • Jane Schielack
    Attended a Prek planning meeting SSI in Austin, TX, March 3, 2000.

    Attended an authors meeting in Chicago, IL, March 30-April 2, 2000.

  • Bruce Treybig
    Attended the Spring 2000 Topology and Topological Dynamics Conference in San Antonio, TX, March 17-19, 2000.

  • Catherine Yan
    Presented research results at the 31 Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, & Computing, Boca Raton, Florida. March 13-17, 2000.

    Gave a plentary talk entitled "Integral Apollonian packings" at CombinaTexas: Combinatorics in the South-Central U.S, College Station, TX. March 31-April 2, 2000.

  • Jianxin Zhou
    Presented a paper at the 23rd Annual Texas PDE Seminar in Austin, TX, March 24-26, 2000.

  • Mohammed Ziane
    Attended the Conference "Equations aux Dérivées Partielles Non Linéaires. Applications à la Mécanique des Fluides et Météorolgie", in Paris and Poitiers, France.

    Visited the Department of Mathmatics at the University of Paris-Sud Orsay.

April 2000

  • Laura Anderson
    Attended the "Klee-Grünbaum Fest Conference and presented a talk on "Polytopal Bundle Theory" in Ein Gev, Israel, April 8-15, 2000.

  • Ken Dykema
    Instructional Course in Operator Algebras and Operator Spaces, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, April, 2000. 3 hour (invited) research level shourt course, "Free products of C*-algebras"

  • Richard E. Ewing
    Internet 2 Applications at Texas A&M University, Reunion Primanera, CUDI 2000, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, April 3, 2000.

  • Susan Geller
    Collaborated in research with Laurel Beckett in Chicago, IL, March 29-April 3, 2000.

  • Francis Narcowich
    Gave an invited talk in Davos, Switzerland "Antennas and propagation of waves".

  • William Rundell
    Attended the conference in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics at the University of Göttingen, Germany and to collaborate in research with Rainer Kress on ongoing research in Inverse Problems, April 1-9, 2000.

    Annual PI (Participating Institution) meeting at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minneapolis, MN, April 17-18, 2000.

  • David Sanchez
    Attended the meeting of the Texas Section, Mathematical Association of America, in Austin, TX, April 7-8, 2000.

  • Kirby Smith
    Attended the AMS Regional meeting in Lafayette, LA.

    Gave a colloquium talk at Northwestern State University of Louisiana in Natchitoches, LA.

  • Emil Straube
    Attended AMS meeting at Notre Dame, IN, gave talk in Special Session on Several Complex Variables on "Sufficient conditions for global regularity of the d-bar Neumann problem", April 8-9, 2000.

  • Mohammed Ziane
    Spoke on "On a certain renormalization group method and applications to the Navier-Stokes equations" University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

May 2000

  • G. Donald Allen
    Will be the principal speaker at the conference "Using the Web in Mathematics to be held in Ft. Colllins, CO, May 21-25, 2000.

  • G.R. Blakley
    Will attend the National Colloquium for Information Systems, Security in Education, Washington, D.C.

  • Al Boggess
    Attended the annual meeting of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications Participating Institutions in Minneapolis, MN, May 6-7, 2000.

  • David Dobson
    Will collaborate in research with Prof. Fadil Santosa in Minneapolis, MN, May 8-12, 2000.

  • Arthur Hobbs
    Will attend the Western Michigan University Quadrennial Graph Theory Conference and present a talk at Oakland University, May 29-June 19, 2000.

  • Thomas R. Kiffe
    Traveled to McAllen, TX to conduct three Maple Workshops for students and faculty at the Science Academy of South Texas, April 28-May 3, 2000.

  • David Larson
    Will give a Plenary Address Great Plains Operator Theory Symposium (GPOTS) in Puerto Rico, May, 2000.

    Participated in a Mathematics Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 22-28, 2000.

  • Rudolph Lorentz
    Will present a talk "Total Reduction and Factorization of Multivariate Polynomials" at the Trends in Approximation Theory Conference in Nashville, TN, May 17-20, 2000.

  • Scott Parsell
    Will attend the Millennial Conference on Number Theory at the University of Illinois and give a talk "Pairs of Additive Equations", May 20-27, 2000.

  • Carl Pearcy
    Consulted with P.R. Halmos in San Jose, CA, May 8-15, 2000.

  • William Rundell
    Attended the Inverse Problems Editorial Board meeting at the Institute of Physics in London, UK, May 3-7, 2000.

    Traveled to Göttingen, Germany to collaborate in research with Rainer Kress of the University of Göttingen, May 22 - June 2, 2000.

  • Jane Schielack
    Participated in the reverse site visit for the proposed Center for Applications of Information Technology in Teaching and Learning Science in Washington, DC, May 8-9, 2000.

    Attended a planning meeting for the 6-8 Numerical Reasoning TEXT-AMS Institute (SSI) in Georgetown, TX, May 16, 2000.

  • Vince Schielack
    Attended the Chair Meeting of SAT II Mathematics Committee at Princeton University, May 18-21, 2000.

  • Emil Straube
    Will travel to Hong Kong, China to participate in the Workshop on "Several Complex Variables" and present a lecture, May 12-21, 2000.

  • Steven Taliaferro
    Will present an invited talk at the International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations in Kennesaw, GA, May 17-22, 2000.

  • Bruce Treybig
    Will travel to North Bay, Ontario, Canada to attend the Topology Mini Conference, May 14-22, 2000.

  • Joseph Ward
    Will present a talk at conferences in Nashville, TN and St. Louis, MO on Approximation Theory, May 16-25, 2000.

  • Catherine Yan
    Attended Aspects of Algebraic Geometry and Communicative Algebra, College Station, TX. May 18-20, 2000.

  • Mohammed Ziane
    May 12-18: Visiting the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of San Diego, California.

    May 20: Speak in a Special Session on "Dynamical Systems and Applications to Fluid Mechanics" at "The International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equation" held at Kennesaw State University, Georgia.

    Will be speaking on "Atractors for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations" at the Department of Mathematics, University of California at Irvine, May 25, 2000.

    Will speak on "Determinig bodes and long time behavior of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations" at the Department of Mathematics, University of Southern California, May 26, 2000.

  • Joel Zinn
    Will present a talk at a Mathematics Conference in Guanajuato, Mexico, May 14-20, 2000.

June 2000

  • Ken Dykema
    Free Probability Theory and Random Matrices workshop, Sandbjerg Castle, Denmark, June, 2000. 45 minute invited talk, "Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator"

    AMS/Scandinavian Meeting, C*-algebras and K-theory special session, Odense, Denmark, June, 2000. 45 minute invited talk, "Topological entropy of free product automorphisms"

    Operator Theory Conference, OT18, Timisoara, Romania, June, 2000. 45 minute plenary talk, "Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator"

  • Stephen A. Fulling
    Was an invited speaker at the E.S. Fradkin Memorial Conference in Moscow, Russia, June 3-11, 2000.

  • David Larson
    Participated in a Mathematics Conference and conducted research with co-authors in Bordeaux, France, June 11-21, 2000.

  • Raytcho Lazarov
    Traveled to Livermore, CA to work on the contract with LCNL, June 29-July 29, 2000.

    Participated in the Second Conference on number methods and visited the Institute of Mahtematics in Rousse and Sofia, Bulgaria, June 5-26, 2000.

  • Carl Pearcy
    Traveled to Korea to give lectures at a Conference in Suwon and collaborate with co-authors J.B. Jong and E. Ko, June 16-July 17, 2000.

  • Jay Walton
    Participated in the AFOSR Annual Grantees Meeting at Stanford University in San Francisco, CA.

  • Catherine Yan
    Presented research results at the Ninth Quadrennial International Conference on Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Algorithms, and Applications, Kalamazoo, Michigan, June 4-9, 2000.

    Attended the SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics, Minneapolis, MI, June 12-15, 2000.

  • Mohammed Ziane
    Visiting "The University of Paris-Sud, Orsay, France".

    Will travel to Paris, France to collaborate in research with Prof.Y. Chitour and Prof. Teman. He will give colloquium talks at the University of Poitiers and the University of Cergy Pontoise, June 4-16, 2000.

July 2000

  • G.R. Blakley
    Will give the Keynote Address at the Austral-Asia Conference on Information and Privacy, Brisbane, Australia.

    Delivered the Opening Hour Address and gave a paper at the ACISP 2000 at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia and collaborated with colleagues at the University of Otago, Dmedin, New Zealand, July 3-31, 2000.

  • David Larson
    Presented a paper and attended a mathematics conference at the University of California, San Diego, July 29-August 2, 2000.

  • Jane Schielack
    Attended an SSF meeting at the University of Texas Dana Center in Austin, TX, July 11-12, 2000.

    Presented a paper at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching in Houston, TX, July 26-29, 2000.

  • Catherine Yan
    Attended the Classical Combinatorics: A Conference in Honor of Dominique Foata, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. July 7-9, 2000.

August 2000

  • G.R. Blakley
    Will attend the Crypto 2000 meeting in Santa Barbara, CA for one week.

    Will attend the Workshop on Codes in London, Ontario, Canada.

    Participated in the Prairie Industrial Workshop (August 7-11) in Brandon, Manitoba, and attended the SAC 2000 (August 14-15) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

  • Ken Dykema
    Danish-Norwegian Operator Algebras Conference, Schaeffergaarden, Copenhagen, August, 2000. 25 minute invited talk, "Topological entropy of free product automorphisms"

  • Susan Geller
    Traveled to Chicago, IL to collaborate in research with Laurel Beckett of Rush Presbyterian Medical School on statistics in an ongoing project on evaluation of cluster analysis.

  • David Larson
    Will give a talk at the SPIE Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, August, 2000.

  • Francis Narcowich
    Will participate in a Research Workshop "Research in Pairs" conducted by Prof. Robert Schaback in Oberwolfach, Germany. J. Ward will attend and participate in the same workshop.

  • Gilles Pisier
    Traveled to Paris, France to conduct research at the University of Paris VI and to present talks at various universities in France, August 2000.

  • Jane Schielack
    Attended an authors meeting in Boston, MA, August 23-25, 2000.

    Attended a meeting on the development of the 6-8 Numerical Reasoning Institute of the Dana Center, University of Texas in Austin, TX, August 8-11, 2000.

    Presented a paper at the Texas Alliance Legislature Conference in Dallas, TX, August 29-30, 2000.

September 2000

  • G.R. Blakley
    Attended the Global Knowledge Course on Prevention, Detection and Correction of Network Errors in Dallas, TX, September 28-30, 2000.

    Attended the WCNC 2000, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference in Chicago, IL, September 23-26, 2000.

    Traveled to Boulder, Colorado to attend the 2000 Third Annual International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies, September 6-8, 2000.

  • Ken Dykema
    Noncommutative dynamical systems and simple C*-lagebras workshop, MSRI, September, 2000. 30 minute invited talk, "Reduced free product C*-algebras"

  • Tamás Erdélyi
    Invited Plenary speaker at the Conference on Approximation Theory and Functional Analysis in Maratea, Italy.

  • David Larson
    Will travel to Toronto, Canada to present a talk at the Special Session on Wavelet Transforms, Amer. Math. Soc., September 20-25, 2000.

  • Paulo Lima-Filho
    Presented a paper at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, September 14-17, 2000.

  • William Rundell
    Traveled to Provo, UT to collaborate in ongoing partial differential equations research with Peter Bates and to present a colloquium at Brigham Young University, September 22-October 2, 2000.

  • Jane Schielack
    Attended an authors meetinng in Chicago, IL, September 28-October 1, 2000.

    Presented a paper at the TEES Conference in San Marcos, TX, September 13, 2000.

    Traveled to Reston, VA to attend an editorial meeting for an NCTM Committee, September 7-10, 2000.

    Attended a Dana Center TEXTEAMS writing meeting, September 12, 2000.

  • Vincent Schielack
    Traveled to Youngstown, OH to edit the 2002 AMC-12 and AMC-10 Mathematics Contest Problems.

  • Roger Smith
    Traveled to Dresden, Germany to attend a conference sponsored by the German Mathematics Society.

October 2000

  • G.D. Allen
    Gave a talk on Distance Education in Houston, TX, October 10, 2000.

  • Ken Dykema
    Wabash miniconference, Indianapolis, October 2000. 50 minute invited plenary talk, "Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator"

  • Alexander Izzo
    Attended the AMS Conference in San Francisco, CA to present a talk: "Uniform Approximation on Manifolds", October 20-22, 2000.

  • David Larson
    Gave a talk at Baylor University, Waco, TX, October 12, 2000.

    Attended the AMS Conference and visited colleagues in San Francisco, CA, Otober 18-22, 2000.

  • Raytcho Lazarov
    Traveled to Livermore, CA to work on the contract with Laurence Livermore National Laboratory, October 19-24, 2000.

  • Jon Pitts
    Attended the SACS Re-accreditation, Dallas, TX, October 26, 2000.

    Traveled to Atlanta, GA to participate in the meeting of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, October 5-6, 2000.

  • William Rundell
    Went to Houston, TX to consult with colleagues at Rice University concerning a proposal.

    Traveled to Arlington, VA to participate on a VIGRE panel at the National Science Foundation, October 22-24, 2000.

  • Jane Schielack
    Attended a board meeting for the Conference on Advancement of Mathematics Teaching, October 3-5, 2000.

    Attended a Regent's Initiative Conference (School University Partnership), Georgetown, TX, October 8-11, 2000.

  • Michael Stecher
    Traveled to St. Louis, MO to conduct a mathematics workshop, October 13, 2000.

  • Jay Walton
    Presented a talk at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science in Columbia, SC, October 21-25, 2000.

    Traveled to Houston, TX to attend a meeting at Rice University to discuss a research proposal, October 20, 2000.

  • Thomas Schlumprecht
    Participated and presented a talk at WABASH Conference in Indianapolis, IN, October 13-15, 2000.

  • Catherine Yan
    Attended Conference on Combinatorics and Random Matrix Theory, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, October 16-18, 2000.

    Present a colloquium talk at William Paterson University, NJ.

November 2000

  • G.D. Allen
    Gave a 4-hour invited presentation in Edinburgh, TX, November 9-11, 2000.

  • Elizabeth Arnold
    Attended a Workshop on Differential Algebra at Rutgers University and presented a talk at the AMS Eastern Fall meeting, November 1-5, 2000.

  • G.R. Blakley
    Attended the global Knowledge Internetworking with TCP/IP Workshop, Dallas, TX, November 21-23, 2000.

    Attended the IEEE Globecom 2000 Conference and Symposia, San Francisco, CA.

  • David Dobson
    Presented a colloquium at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, November 13-15, 2000.

  • Doug Hensley
    Traveled to Washington, DC to give a colloquium talk and meet with editor of MAA problems section to discuss transition to incoming editor: Doug Hensley.

  • David Larson
    Gave a talk at the AMS Conference, Birmingham, AL, November 9-12, 2000.

  • Paulo Lima-Filho
    Traveled to Madison, WI to give a talk at the University of Wisconsin and to establish collaborative research efforts, November 8-12, 2000.

  • May Nilsen
    Presented a talk at the AMS Conference, Birmingham, AL, November 10-12, 2000.

  • Michael Pilant
    Gave a presentation at North Harris Community College, Houston, TX, November 9, 2000.

  • Gilles
    Visited the University of Houston to give a talk, November 22, 2000.

  • Jon Pitts
    Attended the Texas Geometry and Topology Conference, Houston, TX, November 10-12, 2000.

  • Jane Schielack
    Attended a meeting at the University of Texas Dana Center to work on the 6-8 Institute for Numerical Reasoning, Austin, Tx, November 5-6, 2000.

    Attended an Editorial Panel meeting for Teaching Children Mathematics Journal, San Antonio, TX, November 30-December 2000.

  • Vincent Schielack
    Traveled to Beaumont, TX to meet with Lamar University personnel concerning grant collaboration, November 20, 2000.

  • Joachim Schoberl
    Traveled to Vienna, Austria to attend his promotion ceremony, November 13-21, 2000.

    Traveled to Livermore, CA to present a seminar talk and to work on a joint research project, November 27-December 1, 2000.

  • Peter Stiller
    Presented research results to the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, November 15-19, 2000.

  • Emil Straube
    Workshop on Complex Analysis, Erwin Schrodinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics, Vienna. Gave lecture on "Levi foliations in pseudoconvex boundaries and vectors fields that commute approximately with d-bar", November 12-18, 2000.

  • J.D. Ward
    Presened a talk and collaborated in research at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, November 8-12, 2000.

  • Catherine Yan
    Attended Current Development in Mathematics, Harvard University, MA, November 17-18, 2000.

  • Philip Yasskin
    Attended the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mthematics and to participate in a Panel Discussion on "Using Maple for Publishing", November 16-19, 2000.

December 2000

  • Goong Chen
    Traveled to Sydney, Australia to present an invited paper at IEEE-CDC (Control and Decision Conference), Deember 10-16, 2000.

  • Zhaosheng Feng
    Presented a paper at the CMS winter meeting held in Ottawa, Canada, December 9-13, 2000.

  • Author Hobbs
    Attended the SACS Re-accreditation meeting held in Atlanta, GA, December 3-5, 2000.

  • William Johnson
    Traveled to Rehovot, Israel to collaborate in research with colleagues at the Weizmann Institute, Deember 1-16, 2000.

  • Jon Pitts
    Attended and participated in the SACS Reaccreditation meeitng held in Atlanta, GA, December 3-5, 2000.

  • Jane Schielack
    Attended an authors meeting in Chicago, IL, December 14-17, 2000.

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