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Texas A&M University

Open Letter to Prospective Students

Thanks for your inquiry about our Master of Science in Mathematics - at a distance - program. Details about our program can be found on our distance program webpage, which includes a section of frequently asked questions (almost every question was posed by someone inquiring about the program). You can find when semesters begin and end at the University academic calendar website.

The degree we offer is the Master of Science in Mathematics with specializations in Mathematics Teaching, Computational Mathematics, and Mathematics and Statistics.

Note that our Teaching option is not a Master of Mathematics Education. Though it indicates that some of the required courses are designed especially for the needs of mathematics teachers. It is not an appropriate program to prepare for a Ph.D. in pure mathematics, though it could provide a good basis for a Ph.D. in mathematics education.

Applicants should have the minimum prerequisites:

  • A three semester Calculus sequence
  • Differential Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • at least two additional advanced mathematics courses or equivalents, preferably Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis

(please be aware that these prerequisite undergraduate level courses are not offered in an online format at Texas A&M University).

We are very excited about the program, and more than 200 students have completed their degrees with current regularly offered courses. The courses that have been offered online are:

  • Math 602 - Methods and Applications of PDE
  • Math 609 - Numerical Analysis
  • Math 610 - Numerical Methods in PDE
  • Math 614 - Dynamical Systems and Chaos
  • Math 615 - Intro to Classical Analysis
  • Math 629 - History of Mathematics
  • Math 630 - Combinatorics
  • Math 639 - Iterative Methods
  • Math 640 - Linear Algebra
  • Math 645 - Survey of Mathematical Problems I
  • Math 646 - Survey of Mathematical Problems II
  • Math 660 - Computational Linear Algebra
  • Math 662 - Seminar in Algebra (topics vary)
  • Math 664 - Seminar in Applied Mathematics (topics vary)
  • Math 666 - Seminar in Geometry (topics vary)
  • Math 673 - Information, Secrecy, and Authentication
  • Math 6xx - A Transition to Graduate Level Mathematics
  • Math 696 - Mathematical Communications and Technology
  • Math 689 - Special Topics

To enroll, either as a degree-seeking (G7) or a non-degree seeking (G6), you must meet the basic requirements stated above and complete the application process. Up to 12 hours taken as a G6 student can transfer to the G7 graduate program here, should you decide to apply for full graduate degree seeking status to obtain a MS. Refer to Transition from G6 to G7 for details on tranfer possibilites between these two status.

A list of tuition and fees estimates is available at Financial aid is available to students with degree seeking G7 graduate standing. See for more information. While financial aid is available as mentioned above, our graduate Teaching Assistantships/Fellowships are only available to graduate students in our "resident" program who are physically here on campus.

Finally, what we do not offer is K-12 teaching certification, that is to say, we do not offer K-12 licensure in Texas or any other state. Please check with your state education department or agency for local procedures. For aggieTEACH Program, read the information at If you are interested in State of Texas K-12 (alternative) certification, please go to for more information.

Please email if you have specific questions.

Dr. Oksana Shatalov
Program Director

Last updated: April 28, 2021