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Texas A&M University
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  • Core courses

    These courses are offered annually
Core Courses
Group 1 Math 653 Algebra I
Math 654 Algebra II
Math 627 Algebraic Number Theory
Math 630 Combinatorics
Math 613 Graph Theory
Group 2 Math 607 Real Variables I
Math 608 Real Variables II
Math 617 Theory of Fncts. of a Cmpx. Var. I
Math 618 Theory of Fncts. of a Cmpx. Var. II
Group 3 Math 636 Topology I
Math 637 Topology II
Math 622 Differential Geometry I
Math 623 Differential Geometry II
Group 4 Math 609 Numerical Analysis
Math 610 Numerical Meth. in PDEs
Math 641 Analysis for Appl. I
Math 642 Analysis for Appl. II
  • Specialized Courses

    Offered Annually
Specialized Courses
Math 601Method of Appl. Math I
Math 602Method and Appl. of PDEs
Math 603Method of Appl. Math II
Math 604Math. Found. of Cont. Mech.
Math 611Int. Ord. & Partial Diff. Eq.
Math 612PDEs
Math 615Intro. to Classical Analysis
Math 619Applied Probability
Math 625Appl. Stocahstic Diff. Eqs.
Math 626Analytical Number Theory
Math 627Algebraic Number Theory
Math 628Mathematics of Finance
Math 629History of Mathematics
Math 640Linear Alg. for Appl.
Math 645A Surv. of Math. Probls. I
Math 646A Surv. of Math. Probls. II
Math 647Math. Modeling
Math 660Comp. Lin. Alg.
  • Specialized Courses

    Offered Bi-Annually (Once every two years)
Specialized Courses
Math 605Math. Fluid Dynamics
Math 606Theory of Probability I
Math 614Dyn. Systems and Chaos
Math 620Algebraic Geometry I
Math 638Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Math 639Iterative Techniques
Math 643Algebraic Topology I
Math 644Algebraic Topology II
Math 648Comput. Alg. Geom.
Math 650Several Compx. Variables
Math 651Optimization I
Math 652Optimization II
Math 655Functional Analysis I
Math 656Functional Analysis II
Math 657Spline Anal. and Allp.
Math 658Applied Harmonic Analysis
Math 661Math. Thry. of Fin. El. Meth.
Math 667Found. & Meth. of Approx.
Math 670Applied Mathematics I
Math 672Hydrodynamic Stability
Math 673Inform. Secrecy & Auth. I
  • Special Topics and Seminar Courses

    These math 689 and Math 66* courses are offered frquently covering a variety of topics and their offerings depend on faculty proposals, demand and current composition of the student body. Here is a list of recent offerings:
Seminar and Special Topics
Spring 2004 Math 662-601 Shape Theory: Geometry and Statistics P. Stiller
Math 662-603 Seminar in Number Theory II P. Cohen-Tretkoff
Math 663-601 Using Banach Spaces in Analysis W. Johnson
Math 663-602 Topic in PDEs C. Foias
Math 664-601 Topics in Computational Math J. Bramble
Math 664-602 Calculus of Variations W. Perry
Math 696-600 Seminar in Mathematical biology J. Walton
Fall 2004 Math 662-601 Schubert Calculus in Geometry and Combinatorics F. Sotille
Math 662-602 The Methods of Analysis and Probability in Group Theory R. Grigorchuk
Math 663-601 Non-Commutative Analysis and Probability G. Pisier
Math 663-602 Topics in Basic Analysis Sivakumar
Math 664-600 Microlocal Analysis P. Kuchment
Math 689-600 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics C. Foias
Spring 2005 Math 662-602 Introduction to Modular Forms M. Papnikolas
Math 663-600 Topics in PDEs C. Foias
Math 689-601 Nonlinear Analysis G. Chen
Math 689-602 Mix. Finite Elements J. Pasciak
Math 689-603 Statistical Methods for Inverse Problems Y. Efendiev
Fall 2005 Math 662-601 Groups, Graphs and Spaces Z. Sunik
Math 662-602 Topics in Number Theory M. Papanikolas
Math 663-601 Operator Algebras and Non-Comm Harmonic Analysis G. Pisier
Math 663-602 Topics in Basic Analysis Sivakumar
Math 689-601 Algebraic Geometry H. Schenck
Math 689-602 Computation Complexity and Geometry J. Landsberg
Spring 2006 Math 662-602 Diophantine Approx. and Geometry of Numbers L. Fukshansky
Math 663-601 Topics in PDEs C. Foias
Math 663-602 Topics in Classical Fourier Analysis Sivakumar
Math 664-600 Topics in Computational Math W. Bangerth
Math 689-601 Metric Geometry/ Geometric Functional Analysis W. Johnson
Math 689-603 Introduction to d-bar-Neumann problem E. Straube
Math 689-604 Algebraic Geometry H. Schenck
Math 689-605 Computational Math for Fluid Dynamics P. Daripa
Math 689-606 Probabilistic Combinatorics C. Yan
Fall 2006 Math 662-601 Asymptotic Methods for Groups and Rings R. Grigorchuk
Math 662-602 Topics in Algebraic Geometry P. Stiller
Math 663-601 Topics in Banach Space Theory T. Schlumprecth
Math 663-602 Intro to Classical Analysis Sivakumar
Math 664-600 Topics in Computational math Pascial/ Bramble
Math 689-601 Operator Algebras and Non-Comm. Harmonic Analysis G. Pisier
Math 689-602 Numerical Methods for Fluid Flows J-L. Guermond
Math 689-603 Groups and Holomorphic Dynamics V. Nekrashevych
Spring 2007 Math 662-600 Computational Number Theory El-Guindy
Math 663-601 Complex Geometry and Operator Theory R. Douglas
Math 663-602 Open Problems in Two-D Navier-Stokes Eqns. C. Foias
Math 664-600 Computational Thry. and Meth. for Multiple Sol. Probs. J. Zhou
Math 689-601 Up- and Multiscale Meth. for PDEs and Porous Media Flow Y. Efendiev
Math 689-602 Arithmetic and Geometry of Hypergeometric Functions P. Tretkoff
Math 689-603 Asymptotic and Perturbations Methods G. Berkolaiko
Math 689-604 Intro to Applicable Algebraic Geometry Garcia-Puente/ Sotille
Fall 2007 Math 662-600 Commutative Algebra L. Matusevich
Math 663-601 Non-Commutative Lp-spaces and related questions G. Pisier
Math 663-602 Intro to Classical Analysis Sivakumar
Math 664-600 Information Theory C. Douglas
Math 666-600 Complex Geometry J. Landsberg
Math 689-601 Topics in Dynamics and Analysis D. Kerr
Math 689-602 Compressed Sensing R. DeVore
Spring 2008 Math 662-600 Intro to Analytic Number Theory M. Young
Math 663-601 Topics in Classical Fourier Analysis Sivakumar
Math 663-602 Problems in Operator Theory D. Larson
Math 664-601 Quantum Statistical Mechanics and Related Topics G. Chen
Math 664-602 Topics in Bifurcation Theory for ODEs and PDEs C. Foias
Math 664-603 Nonlinear Approx. with Applications R. DeVore
Math 689-601 Multisacel Modeling and Simulation Tech for PDEs Y. Efendiev
Math 689-602 The Topology of Froup Actions C. Wilkerson
Math 689-603 Algebraic Geometry I L. Matusevich
Fall 2008 Math 662-601 Representation Theory J. Landsber
Math 662-602 Algebraic Number Theory M. Papanikolas
Math 663-600 Inequalities W. Johnson
Math 664-601 Computerized Theory P. Kuchment
Math 689-601 Learning Theory R. DeVore
Spring 2009 Math 662-600 Symmetric Functions and Combinatorial Hopf Algebras F. Sotille
Math 663-601 Inequalities II W. Johnson
Math 664-601 Nonlinear Wave Equations A. Comech
Math 664-602 Topics in PDEs C. Foias
Math 666-600 Algebraic Complexity Theory J. Landsberg
Math 689-601 Modular Forms M. Young
Math 689-602 Dime. Scaling Meth. and Topics in Mol. Quantum Mech. G. Chen
Fall 2009 Math 662-600 Geometric Methods in Computer Vision and Digital Comm. P. Stiller
Math 663-600 Topics in Analysis G. Pisier
Math 664-600 Nonlinear Approx with Applications R. DeVore
Math 666-600 Tropical Geometry F. Sotille
Math 689-601 Topics in Ergodic Theory D. Kerr
Math 689-602 Intro to Microlocal Analysis P. Kuchment
Math 689-603 Topics in PDEs B. Popov
Spring 2010 Math 662-601 Elliptic Curves M. Papanikolas
Math 662-602 Homological Algebra S. Witherspoon
Math 663-601 Topics in Banach Space Theory W. Johnson
Math 664-601 Into. Nonlinear Functional Analysis C. Foias
Math 664-602 Topics class in Invers Problems in PDEs W. Rundell
Math 666-601 Algebraic Geometry F. Sotille
Fall 2010 Math 663-600 Op. Algebras & Non-Comm. LP Spaces G. Pisier
Math 664-600 Found. Aadaptive Finite Element Mthds A. Bonito
Math 666-600 Geometry of Tensors J. Landsberg
Math 689-600 Finite Dimm. Banach Spaces J. Landsberg
Spring 2011 Math 662-600 Represenation Thy Finite Groups E. Rowell
Math 662-601 Group Theory Z. SOnix
Math 663-602 Topics in Ergodic Theory L. Bowen
Math 664-600 Hyperbolic Conservatio Laws B. Popov
Math 666-600 Complex Geometry C. Robles
Fall 2011 Math 663-600 Real Noncommutative Algebra K Dykema
Math 664-600 Study of Wind Power Generation G. Chen
Math 664-602 Preconditiong Methods G. Kanschat
Math 666-600 Geometric Control Theory I. Zelenko
Math 689-601 Commutative & Homological Algebra L. Matusevich
Math 689-602 Differential Geometry & Applications J. Pitts
Spring 2012 Math 662-601 Lie Theory C. Robles
Math 662-602 Group Theory Z. Sunik
Math 663-600 Seminar in Analysis W. Johnson
Math 664-600 Adv. Comp. Mthds for Incompressible Fluids V. Girault
Math 689-600 Open Problems in 2dim Navier-Stokes C. Foias