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MATH 308 - Differential Equations

TEXTBOOK: see current textbook list

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: See catalog description here TECHNOLOGY: Maple is a powerful computational and graphical tool whose use is encouraged. Pedagogical points can be enhanced and onerous hand computations can be avoided. Basic hand computational techniques are still covered in this course, but perhaps not with the same emphasis as in the past. Students should be shown how to solve differential equations using the computer (both symbolically and numerically) and be expected to solve a modeling or applications problem/project where the computer is needed to complete the solution. The overall extent to which Maple (or another high level computing language) is used is left to the discretion of the instructor. Maple syntax together with applications and modeling problems can be found in the above mentioned ODE manual. Also visit the following web-sites:

GRADING: Normally three major exams and a final exam are given in this course. In addition, homework and project assignments with some involvement of the computer are usually required.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Make-ups for missed quizzes and exams will only be allowed for a university approved excuse in writing. Wherever possible, students should inform the instructor before an exam or quiz is missed. Consistent with University Student Rules , students are required to notify an instructor by the end of the next working day after missing an exam or quiz. Otherwise, they forfeit their rights to a make-up.

SCHOLASTIC DISHONESTY: Copying work done by others, either in-class or out of class, is an act of scholastic dishonesty and will be prosecuted to the full extent allowed by University policy. Collaboration on assignments, either in-class or out-of-class, is forbidden unless permission to do so is granted by your instructor. For more information on university policies regarding scholastic dishonesty, see University Student Rules.

COPYRIGHT POLICY: All printed materials disseminated in class or on the web are protected by Copyright laws. One xerox copy (or download from the web) is allowed for personal use. Multiple copies or sale of any of these materials is strictly prohibited.

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