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Texas A&M University

Help for Math 151

If you need help for math 151, please check out the following list of resources.

Common Exams

If you want to prepare for common exams, there are past common exams you can take advantage of. Be aware that each semester, the content for common exams may differ. Make sure you know what topics are covered on your exam before you attempt all the problems on a practice exam. Also, do no look at solutions till you have attempted the problems!

General Help

If you have questions with content, take advantage of your instructor's office hours. For additional help, there is a weekly week in review led by an instructor over the previous week's material as well as student-led help sessions that meet two or three times a week.


If you enjoy streaming video presentations of math concepts, you can take advantage of the videos below. Keep in mind the content covered on each exam has changed, so make sure you know what concepts to study.

WebAssign Technical Help