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Texas A&M University

Makeup Exams — Spring 2024

The Math Department has set up a process whereby math faculty can schedule students to take a makeup exam. Math faculty are strongly encouraged to volunteer to help proctor the evening makeup exams. The instructions for using the departmental makeup exam process, a schedule of dates the makeup exams are administered, and the makeup exam request form can be found below. Note, the last two dates on the schedule are normally for final exams.

Be sure to read the instructions for faculty so you are aware of the process used for the departmental makeup exams.

Requests for makeup exams must be completed by 5pm the day before the administration of the makeup exams. For example, faculty must have the Makeup Exam Request Form completed by 5pm Monday if they want their student to take a makeup exam on Tuesday.

If you have questions, contact Sherry Floyd, Ana-Rose Sauseda, and Alisa Baron via MATH-Makeupexams