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Texas A&M University

Force Request for MATH Courses

Online force request form will be available to all continuing students approximately one week before each semester begins.


- Completing a force request form does not guarantee enrollment into the course. We strongly encourage students to watch Howdy for seats to open during open registration and drop/add period.

- Prerequisite requirements are enforced. Mathematics cannot set prerequisite overrides until students can show successful completion of the required prerequisite course(s). For additional information pertaining to prerequisite overrides, click here.


When available, proceed to Force Request form below:

Fall 2023 force requests are now closed. Students may continue to watch Howdy until 5:00pm on the 5th class day for seats to open as students make adjustments to their class schedules. After the open drop/add period, students must obtain approval from their academic dean to drop or add courses.

Students interested in registering in MATH 442 or MATH 467: Enrollment will be handled by force request only. Maximum enrollment is 25 seats per section due to seating restrictions imposed for writing and oral communication courses. Priority will be given to MATH/APMT/AggieTEACH students based on degree program requirements along with expected date of graduation and/or student teaching. We often are able to open some seats to students from other majors after accommodating these students. However, there usually is substantially more demand than available seats, and we do not enroll students from other majors until our general force request form opens a week before the semester begins. We therefore recommend that non-mathematics majors do not assume that they will be able to find a seat in these courses.