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The Department of Mathematics computing infrastructure is oriented around the Linux and Unix operating systems. These systems support a wide variety of applications ranging from office productivity suites, web browsing and development, to sophisticated typesetting and numerical programming. More information is available in our systems and applications software pages.

The Department also operates the Calclab systems, consisting of 283 Linux workstations, and 4 Linux servers, to support undergraduate and graduate instruction using symbollic and numerical software packages, including Maple and Matlab. Over 4,000 students pass through the Calclabs each semester, using the computing systems and software for classes such as Calculus I, II, and III, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis (undergraduate and graduate), Linear Algebra, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical PDE's, Iterative Techniques, and Special Topics (undergraduate and graduate).


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Computing Systems Staff

The Math Department's computing facilities are brought to you by the Department's Systems Staff.

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